“As a breast cancer survivor,
Bre helped me find a renewed
sense of self and how I choose
to define myself moving forward.”
-Mary M

“Losing my husband was traumatic.
Bre helped me navigate the
grieving process and let me see
that there was a full life
waiting for me.”
-Elizabeth B.

“My mom began to lose her memory
and Bre helped us understand
how to cope with daily living
issues and what to expect next
for my mom.”
-Bessie H.

“In the time that I’ve known Bre, my life has changed quite a bit. She has been a sounding board for my life transitions, decisions, and goals. She has also become an essential element to my “support team.” I do not know where I would be if I had not walked into her office a few years ago. Bre is genuine, caring, and passionate about those who seek to travel the path of self understanding and life transitions. I truly am fortunate to have found her as my therapist.”
~ name withheld

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